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Every good poker room gets rated by the professionalism of its staff. Every time a player sits down at one of your tables, his main concern will be the expertise of the dealer and the floor personnel on duty. At SA Poker Consulting we offer training to the highest standards, focusing on technical perfection and customer interaction.

Professionally trained staff is the heart and soul of every successful poker room.

Poker Staff Training for Poker Rooms

If you have an existing card room we will evaluate your poker staff and provide advanced training at all levels.

Our world class training for dealers emphasizes on all technical aspects of the game, proper handling of cards and chips, perfect knowledge of the rules and regulations, table presence and control, integrity, behavior towards guests, poker etiquette, problem solving techniques and knowledge of around 20 different forms of the game.

Floor personnel training will be provided to dealers with sufficient working experience. We will take a close look at his/her ability as a dealer, examine personality, attitude and leadership abilities and then go into extensive training including professional behavior towards customers and management and  advanced rules courses.

Poker management training will be provided to floor personnel with enough working experience. Individuals will be trained to run a poker room at the highest professional level.

Dealer training school (for newcomers or to improve your dealing skills)

SA Poker Consulting offers dealer training to the highest international standards. Depending on the size and skill of the group the courses will last between four to eight weeks, five days a week. On successful completion of our course you will excel at around twenty different forms of the game, a prerequisite for every serious poker dealer. Our diploma will be your passport to worldwide job opportunities. 

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