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Poker is spreading at lightning speed worldwide, whether it be at private home games with family and friends or at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, more and more poker players are taking the world by storm. Be part of the poker community and join the game.

At SA Poker Consulting we not only familiarize you with the technical aspects of the game but also show you the beauty of the game and how much fun you can have at a poker table. Most players will be familiar with No-limit Texas Hold'em but have you ever tried any of the other forms of poker? Many of them are more fun and provide completely new challenges. Don't limit yourself to just one game, if you travel the poker world you will come across many variations of the game and you will need to know how to play them. Are you a casual player just bored of playing the same monotonous NLHE casino or home game? Or are you a complete novice just wanting to know what it is all about?

With SA Poker Consulting you can learn how to play around 20 different forms of the game - straight from a top professional.

                                 At Las Vegas' Bellagio Poker Room you can play all forms of poker

SA Poker Consulting offers coaching classes with a maximum of nine, six or four players, depending on the game, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Learn the exact rules of the game and what mistakes to avoid as a novice or intermediate player. 

Let's get you started at this great game - POKER IS FUN.

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